#CultureTrav Instagram: Featuring Your Photos

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Do you love to share travel photos on social media – particularly on Instagram? Do you take photos of food, landscapes, or animals? We’d love to feature you on our Culture with Travel Instagram account!

As a community blog, we enjoy sharing your stories and would love to share yours on our Instagram page. We encourage you to share your photos using #CultureTrav and #culturetravstories, as well.

Sharing your Instagram photos via email:

When you share photos, be sure to include a description. What makes the photo interesting? What’s the story behind it? Where were you when the photo was taken? All of these details matter and will also help fellow travelers in planning to visit these destinations. If you have a special tip for another traveler, definitely include it!

  1. Send us a photo (or more) via email at culturewithtrav@gmail.com
  2. Share what your handle is
  3. Write a brief description of what’s happening in the photo.

What’s of interest for us on Instagram:

  • Local culture. We’d like to share photos of how you immerse yourself in local culture. Do you photograph architecture, farmer’s markets, specialty restaurants or stores? Do you prefer to take portraits?
  • Food. Where did you discover an interesting international dish? What was the most daring thing you’ve tried to eat while abroad? What food to do love to eat at home? Have you ever found a restaurant off-the-beaten path?
  • Landscapes and/or the great outdoors. Do you enjoy landscape photography? Are you a hiker or like to go camping? Share a picture!
  • Surprising places or spontaneous wandering. Some of the best discoveries can be made by spontaneous adventures. Where and when have you spontaneously found neat places? Share a photo!
  • Festivals or concerts. Are you an avid concertgoer? Which festivals or concerts have you attended that you’d like to share about?
  • Art and architecture. Where is the most striking architecture you’ve seen? Have you ever stumbled upon an unexpectedly neat building? Do you like to photograph abandoned buildings? Do you love street art, galleries or museums?
  • Adventure photos – photos of you zip lining, biking, swimming, etc. Where was your favorite travel adventure?
  • Animals. Do you like to photograph wildlife? Have you been on a safari? Share your best wildlife photos with us!
  • Instagram takeovers. Are you traveling somewhere and want to take over our Instagram account and show others the destination? We’re open to having Instagram takeovers! 

Quick Instagram Photo Guidelines:

  • Play with light. Photos using natural lighting are preferred, though darker settings can have a wonderful effect on photography.
  • Don’t be afraid of bold colors! Black and white photography is fine, too!
  • Composition. We’re aiming to share photos that have a simple focus and don’t look cluttered.

If you don’t yet follow us on CultureTrav on Instagram, show us some love! We’ll follow back! 

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