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exploring travel resources

As a part-time traveler, I enjoy traveling whenever I can. Whether it’s a short trip, exploring in my “own backyard” of New York City, or a more extended vacation abroad or within America, I want to share my favorite helpful travel resources with you. These are some of my personal favorite resources, companies I like, and (local) organizations I support, as well as apps and gear that I find interesting or particularly helpful!

Some of these links are partner links, and support this blog. Yes, that means that some of these are affiliates. The commissions that I earn when you make a purchase at one of these great websites help keep the servers running, my team going, and the posts flowing. By clicking on them, you support Culture With Travel. Enjoy!


Language Services

PoliLingua. Interested in global language services, including translation, voice-overs or more? Be sure to check out these translation services!

All Things Booking

Personalized Itineraries through Fuzzy Compass. Headed on a trip and want 1:1 personalized advice? I offer consulting services, so whether you need to plan a 7-day vacation or just want to know how to spend an afternoon in NY, visit this link and get my help!

AirBnB. I’ve used Airbnb for domestic and international travel, and love the opportunity to rent a local’s room and really immerse myself in the culture. To me, it feels like “home away from home,” as your stay can give you access to a kitchen, an outdoor area, and other amenities depending on where you book! Get 20% off your first stay

Kayak and Momondo. Kayak is the number 1 price comparison service, and my favorite. I always start with Kayak for any travel booking. Momondo is my second favorite, and a great alternate to try.

Priceline. Priceline’s famous “Name Your Own Price” tool can get you some legendary deals, as long as you are not too picky about the details. It is especially great for rental cars at the airport. Visit Priceline to get rental cars, hotels and more.

Auto Europe. Though it’s primarily known for its car rentals in Europe, Auto Europe actually services more than 12,000 different locations worldwide. Sign up for a car rental using my link.  

Loveholidays. At loveholidays they have revolutionized the way they offer you holidays. They provide four flexible payment options to choose from, in a bid to make holidays more affordable for everyone.

The Flight Deal Newsletter. If you sign up for the free Flight Deal newsletter, you’ll get notifications about travel sales, scoured from all different airlines. It’s great for spontaneous travel. (Airlines also usually have their own deal emails.)

NYC Tours

Local Expeditions. This NYC-based tour company provides you with a unique, local take on New York City. Local Expeditions also believes in the local/sustainable movement, and 5% of every expedition is donated to a local organization of the guide’s choice. Book a NYC tour via Local Expeditions.

NYC Tours & Photo Safaris. Looking for an experience beyond the guidebook? Have the lovely Jessie Festa and her team show you around different neighborhoods exploring their history and getting in touch with local places to be! Book a NYC tour via

International Tours Travelers use to add half day to multi-day immersive experiences to their itinerary, and revenue from tours is then channeled back to the local community through the host organizations. By using this link, sign up for your next tour!

Tour Radar.  What I like about Tour Radar’s tour offering is that they accommodate your travel style. You can select from cultural tours, adventurous ones, independent tours, and more to fit how you travel. Tour Radar frequently shares special deals all over the world, so it’s a great place to look before you book your next trip or to get travel inspiration. If you sign up using my link, you get 5% off your tour.

Project Expedition. Through Project Expedition, you can compare tours and adventure activities before you go, and though they offer popular attractions and famous excursions, they also offer access to local favorites. The Project Expedition team meets local tour guides before you go, to make sure it’s a truly unique experience. Visit Project Expedition for tours.

Travel Insurance

The Ultimate Travel Insurance Guide.  A very informative guide about the different types of coverage one can expect on a typical travel insurance policy. This is a very handy resource from 1Cover on the importance of getting travel insurance while traveling abroad.

Compare Reviews for Travel Insurance

Anything can happen while you’re on vacation, so it’s important to be prepared before your bags are even packed. Check out these common travel insurance scenarios to see if you could benefit from travel insurance on your next trip.

Planning the perfect vacation is a task that takes months, and many people sink thousands of dollars into a trip. A sudden emergency, bad weather or lost luggage can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Travel insurance offers peace of mind when planning a vacation. It may cover cancellations, flight delays, property damage, lost luggage, health emergencies and much more.

Travel Apps and Products

Brode Electrolyte Vitamin. Brode is a lightweight, conveniently-packed electrolyte vitamin. The great thing is that it comes without any sweeteners, it’s easy to carry with you in any bag, and it keeps you hydrated during travel, while drinking or while playing sports. Use the referral link to get a discount at Brode: 

Papilia Luxe. Papilia was designed to provide men and women with a seamless, personal travel experience for every occasion. This means that you create a profile with information about your personal style and travel preferences, enter destination information (what types of activities you’ll be exploring on the trip, whether it’s for business or leisure, where you’re headed), and you get personalized packing tips, cultural tips and personalized (clothes) shopping suggestions. Visit Papilia Luxe to set up your profile.

TravelTag. I’m a travel ambassador for this luggage tracking app for iOS and Android. I always check my luggage when traveling internationally, and TravelTag is great for monitoring your luggage. Visit TravelTag for more information.

GoingPlaces. GoingPlaces is a great app created by, to create an inspiring place for travelers to share about their travels and discover new trip ideas. On a personal note: some of the content from has been featured on the app! Download the Going Places app via the iTunes app store.

Travel, Tips, and Tech

Drone travel tips. Want to travel with a drone to faraway lands and capture memories with beautiful aerial footage? Great idea! However, we recommend you read this before you head to the airport with your drone.

VPN guide. There’s no such thing as total internet security (or anonymity), but using a quality VPN service is the first step you can take to protect your identity online. By taking the data you send online, including personal information like your IP address, and disguising, a VPN is able to help ensure that nobody spying from another computer can identify you. Travelers using public WIFI are a high risk for online spying, and this guide to finding a VPN service from can add an extra layer of online security.

Online (remote team) collaboration. In a world of freelancers, virtual teams, and cross-platform apps, there is a strong need for tools that allow online collaboration. has put together a list of the best virtual team software tools to keep your team connected, organized, and on track!

What happens if an airline loses your luggage? Check out this blog post with tips on how to handle lost luggage and more.

Medical & Health

Traveling with a Medical Condition. This excellent resource for InsuranceWith gives you the low-down on all the important tips and essential information for going abroad if you happen to have a medical condition. From visas and vaccinations, tips on carrying medication, to some of the most accommodating cities for disabled travelers – this resource is a must-have for people with medical and special needs who wish to see and explore the world.

Why travel? Because it benefits your health. Read about 25 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Traveling

Travel Communities, Organizations, and Festivals

Impact Travel Alliance (ITA) – formerly known as Travel+Social Good (TSG).  The Impact Travel Alliance community is composed of dreamers and doers who recognize the potential tourism has to make a positive impact on the world, and are propelling the travel industry into a force for good. Visit the website and join their events!

Wanderful. Wanderful is a women’s travel network that connects adventurous, independent and globally-minded women travelers whether it’s through local chapters where women can attend meetups in different cities, a community website with blog posts from members, and tips and educational resources for women starting to travel or launching new blogs or websites. I’m a member of the New York Chapter, and have previously attended the Women in Travel Summit (an annual conference). Join a Wanderful local chapter for events and visit the Wanderful website!

Travel Massive. Travel Massive is a global community of travel industry professionals and travel insiders including bloggers and travel journalists.  As a NYC member of the Travel Massive group, I’ve enjoyed meeting with local NYC travelers and tourism professionals alike at their monthly meetups. See if there’s a local chapter of Travel Massive you can join, or explore their Marketplace for work opportunities in travel!

New York Travel Festival. I discovered the New York Travel Fest in 2015, where I enjoyed attending, being a media partner for #CultureTrav, and providing advice through the Experts’ Corner. The NYTF provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with travelers, travel organizations, tourism boards and brands, while you’re attending workshops and fun sessions in different “tracks” (blogging/writing, entrepreneurial ones and more). In April 2016, I was excited to provide social media/digital storytelling tips as part of an expert panel at the NYTF. In April 2017, I moderated a panel about thought leadership in travel! Visit to learn more and attend the festival!