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Many of our contributors leverage their exposure on CultureTrav to promote their personal blogs and companies. Your author bio that appears at the below of your post can link to your blog or website.

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Do you love exploring local culture during travel? Is visiting a new destination all about exploring off-the-beaten path for you? Do you cringe at checklists? Through CultureTrav, you can share your story and reach travelers all over the world!

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In addition to guest posting, we also have a correspondent community. As a correspondent, you can share as many articles as you'd like on monthly or bi-monthly basis.

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Personal travel experiences

We love to hear about how you explore local culture during travel. Tell us what was memorable about your trip. Whether you had a delicious meal abroad, overcame a language barrier, learned something new, or met new friends – we'd love to hear about it.

Variety in Storytelling

We're interested in stories about ``the good, the bad, and the ugly`` in travel. We want to hear how you coped with a flight delay, or a setback and turned it around into a positive moment. We want to hear about interesting strangers you've met. We'd love to find out about cafes you've stumbled upon while wandering city streets.

Prior writing experience

Have you written articles for other publications? Are you a budding travel blogger? Are you a travel enthusiast who occasionally writes about the adventures you've had? Awesome! Join our guest contributor community to share your story.

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We ONLY accept original posts that have not been published elsewhere. We strongly encourage guest writers to share their original photos and/or videos for posts! Each post will also feature an author's bio which includes a link back to your website or blog.

A unique voice

We want to hear your voice in your posts. We like to read posts that are informative, and stories that are inspiring to our readers. Less of the ``Top 10 things to do in X`` destination posts; more about YOU.

Local Experts

Have you lived abroad as an expat? Have you spent a considerable amount of time traveling away from home as a nomad? Do you have local recommendations you'd like to share with others? If any of these situations apply to you, or if you're another subject-matter expert in travel, reach out to us!

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We don’t believe in a strict maximum word count, as long as the post conveys everything you intend it to. At minimum, it should be 600 words. Longform articles encouraged.

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Please submit posts in a Word document. Reference any external sources you cite via hyperlinks.

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We receive a large volume of submissions. We try to reply to all the submissions we get within a few business days.