About CultureTrav

Our Mission

We dig deeper at cultural immersion. We're interested in hearing stories about how you connect with locals, and embark on new adventures. We appreciate reading stories about hole-in-the-wall cafes, spontaneous moments, and less-than-ideal situations. We enjoy stories that highlight what makes other cultures unique, but also those that look at similarities that connect us as people.

Our Storytelling

We share stories and lessons learned by travelers in foreign cultures, and give them a voice to share their recommendations, too. In our series with Storytellers, travelers share about their own cultures at home, and what travel has further taught them about our world.
Through conversations with travel entrepreneurs, we hear about the interesting endeavors they've launched in the world of travel.

Our History

Our founder, Nicolette Orlemans, comes from a multicultural background. She was born and raised in the Netherlands to a Polish mom and a Dutch dad. She has always been interested in hearing others' stories. Nicolette also hosts a weekly #CultureTrav Twitter chat bringing travelers together to share impressions and perspectives. We encourage you to share stories of your hometowns, of your local communities, and of your experiences that have enriched you.