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As a blog focused on the cultural aspects of travel–whether that’s learning a new language, trying new foods, exploring history or more– we like to go beyond the lists of “top 10 must-sees” of travel.

Culture with Travel digs deeper, and examines the aspects of travel from a personal experience of travelers by immersing themselves in local culture.

Social Media Reach

Culture with Travel reaches 29K+ followers across social media networks, including those of our founder, Nicolette. Learn more about the website’s reach via Fohr Card

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Product giveaways and/or contests for brands or destinations
  • Sponsored blog posts (including social media distribution)
  • Social media mentions, full campaigns, or takeovers
  • Destination promotion
  • Brand partnerships
  • (Travel) event coverage/venue/restaurant/hotel reviews, and more!

Brand Partnerships

Royal Robbins – extended social media and blog campaign

Sponsorship of the #CultureTrav Chat
Interested in sponsoring a giveaway and/or guest co-hosting with us?

The #CultureTrav Twitter chat attracts travelers from all over the world who are interested in sharing their stories and advice about a range of travel topics. Join us for an opportunity to reach travelers, whether you’re a fellow traveler/blogger, a travel brand, an app, company, hotel or more! We’re open to guest hosts and new topics!

A sponsorship could include a product giveaway, a tour discount, hotel stays, and more. We’re open to discussing what you think would be a good fit.

Sponsored Twitter Chats

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New York City Restaurant Reviews

Temerario (blog and social media posts

Fattoria Betti (Tuscan Winery event in Brooklyn) – blog and social media posts

New York City restaurant review: Lamano – blog and social media posts
lamano new york city

New Place Players Shakespeare Play & Dinner reviewblog and social media posts
Shakespearean dinner New Place Players NYC

Hostelling International, NYC – The Great Hostel Giveback 

The “Great Hostel Giveback” partnership with Hostelling International NYC (blog and social media) – participated in the Hostelling International NYC’s initiative of the Great Hostel Giveback with a group of travel bloggers and influencers. The program focused on giving back to the local communities, and volunteering with local organizations.

Hotel collaboration 

Radisson Blu, “Paper City” contest ( social media and blog campaign)

Tourism Board Sponsored campaign

Belize Tourism Small Country Sunday campaign (blog and social media)

Tours and Tour Groups sponsored posts

Cami Adventures (blog and social media campaign)

People’s Choice Nature, Food and Hike Tours in Jamaica – blog and social media campaign

People’s Choice Nature, Food and Hike Tours in Jamaica

Social Media Only Collaborations

Special Partnerships

Interested in attending a pop-up dinner event exploring world cultures on a local level? Sign up for a MezzeCulture event and dine the night away! Buy one ticket, get one free. When you reserve 2 tickets, use code CULTURETRAV at checkout to get 1 ticket free.

Questions about partnerships? Have another idea in mind? Email me 

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  1. Andrew Guppy

    22 Feb 2018

    Hi Nicolette,

    I have a walking company based in the Cotswolds and I am keen to promote our garden tours, guided and self-guided walking tours in particular to the north American market. Is this something you can help with through social media?

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